“This book is the perfect Father’s Day gift to be used as a lifestyle guide to good, healthy living AND as a cookbook brimming with family heritage recipes. Written with deep-felt love as an homage to the authors’ fathers and family, the book fairly percolates not only with valuable, expert nutrition information (why cinnamon is key, or how detox cleaning is good, and did you know plums support the liver because they are rich in Vitamin A, iron, copper, zinc and fiber and can lower cholesterol) but also offers delicious, good-for-you recipes and practical, hands on tips.”
-Leeann Lavin
She curates and writes about food and drink for and writes two blogs

“Attitudes influence whatever we do, say and create. Maryann’s and Nancy’s years of experience in the kitchen, their sense of fun and willingness to experiment with a variety of tastes in order to create something new and different, and especially the love of Maryann’s father and Nancy’s children not only influenced the book, but permeate it. Using the recipes in Alive and Cooking will send you on an adventure that will make you smile in wonder at the flavor of dishes you turn out. Enjoy !”
-Vimala Rodgers
Author of Vegetarian Meals for people- on-the-go

“This book, born out of the challenges of caring for illness in the family, invites us to show up with love and creativity in the kitchen. The authors have created recipes that are easy and rich in nutritional value. Maryann and Nancy weave recipes and personal stories that show us that food not only nourishes the body, but opens the heart and touches the soul. Alive and Cooking is a gift from their hearts to all of us and to life itself.”
-Dr. Eileen Kenny

“There are many forms of nourishment that support life’s many transitional journeys. Natural foods, awareness, love, and guidance are ingredients that nourish our bodies as we live, heal, and grow. Maryann and Nancy are heavenly chefs that combine their wisdom and experience in a wonderful book that serves as a guidepost. Alive and Cooking provides counsel and direction for friends and family in the art of food preparation that creates foundational support for good health and well being.”
-Juliette Hoffman, Homeopathic Practitioner

“Having had the opportunity to assist and promote health and nutrition with world-class athletes over the last 25 years; it is my opinion that Nancy and Maryann’s book is a formula for high-level performance in our daily lives. I can’t imagine a more informative book for the person looking to improve their health. Food is the most powerful medicine to heal chronic disease All you need to do is eat your medicine and think of your grocery store as a pharmacy.”
-Gary L. Massad M.D.
First National Corporate Medical Director and founder of Occupational Health Centers in America. Attending physician to the Iron man Championship Hawaii

“I highly recommend this book; it’s more then a cookbook, it’s a nutritional education about the value of eating well for better health.I have enjoyed the vegetable recipes and side dishes which are easy to cook flavorful additions to my routine. Nancy and Maryann have created a wonderful aid for families with elderly parents who can now improve the quality of their health and well being. Bravo” -Ellen Hilburg

“I love this book! This book is full of good information and I loved the stories. I feel the authors got their message across while making this a very enjoyable read.”
-P. Jendras

“WOW, more than a cook book. It is a bucket full of useful information with charming personal stories and quotes. I love it. Spent over one hour reading it. You may try promoting the book as a Healthy way for people of all ages.”
-Karl Murillo

Alive and Cooking