Reasons to Buy

With over 100 easy recipes, additional nutritional information and resources learn how to make smart health choices for you and your family.

What they Say?

Written with deep-felt love as an homage to the authors’ fathers and family, the book fairly percolates not only with valuable, expert nutrition information (why cinnamon is key, or how detox cleaning is good, and did you know plums support the liver because they are rich in Vitamin A, iron, copper, zinc and fiber and can lower cholesterol) but also offers delicious, good-for-you recipes and practical, hands on tips.

- Leeann Lavin

Notes from the Authors

We've collected these recipes and health tips for you and your parents. Cooking for your parents is fun! Introducing new foods to them, as they did for you, is one way to treasure them. The recipes in this book are a guide. Adjust and allow for your family's tastes and preferences. Be creative.

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Alive and Cooking